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Henan Zhoukou Overseas Employment Services Overseas (Saudi Arabia) The employer Development Manager: George Chen, mobile :0086-13901623260;
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Saudi oil and petrochemical industry is the economic lifeline of petrochemical products export more than 70 countries and regions, oil revenues accounted for 70% of state revenue than oil exports accounted for 93% of total exports. 2005 to 1050 million barrels per day of crude oil sand. In recent years, sand the one hand, make full use of its rich oil and natural gas resources, Saudi Arabia, the Arab guards of honor ceremony of soldiers wearing the waist sword the other hand, actively introduce advanced foreign technology and equipment, to develop iron and steel, aluminum, cement, water desalination, power industry, agriculture and services and other non-oil industry, oil-dependent economic structure of a single difference. In recent years, oil production and revenues as follows: Year of production (barrels / day) income (100 million U.S. dollars) 2003 850 74020049101060 2,005,105,015,702,009,811?

Saudi Arabia attaches great importance to agricultural development. China has 32 million hectares of arable land, has 3.6 million hectares of cultivated land. Employed about 39 million, agricultural income in GDP of 4.7%. Government and implementing preferential policies to encourage the planting of wheat crops in particular, to mobilize their enthusiasm. At present the main agricultural products are wheat, dates, corn, rice, citrus, grapes, pomegranate. Food self-sufficiency rate was 98%, wheat has achieved self-sufficiency and export. Livestock including sheep, goats, camels and so on. The Government also used the power of local and private enterprises set up broiler, layer farms, the development of fish farming, to encourage large companies to establish a variety of farms. Sand has artesian wells 40 000, 52 000 drinking water wells, dams, 220 water storage capacity of 800 million cubic meters.

Fiscal and financial
Sha official overseas assets of about 128 billion U.S. dollars. In 2005 the government domestic public debt 126.67 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 41% of GDP. 10 commercial banks of sand, which the National Bank, Riyadh Bank and Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation for the three domestic banks, and the remaining joint venture banks, branches of 1210. About 230 billion riyals of capital, profits of about 70 billion rials. Seven sand Stock Exchange.

Foreign Trade
Free trade and low tariff policy. Exports mainly petroleum and petroleum products, accounting for 93% of total exports, petrochemical and some industrial products exports also increased. Imports mainly machinery and equipment, food, textile and other consumer goods and chemical products. Major trading partners are the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, South Korea. Since a large number of export oil, sand long-term trade surplus. 2005, 228 billion U.S. dollars the total foreign trade of sand, export 157 billion U.S. dollars, imports 52.7 billion. Saudi Arabia Business Visa material 1, original passport (valid for six months or more) 2,2 3 2-inch color photo with white background, copy of ID 4, the Chinese business license copy (sealed) 5, 6, original letter sent by the local certified copy of the invitation letter or electronic return signed No. 7, the Saudi company’s business license 8, 9 and from the ticket orders, women and men technicians, engineers need to have the Saudi side of the counter-sign No. 1 Saudi work visa materials and passport ( valid for 6 months or more, women need more than two years) 2 photographs (two 2-inch color photos with white background) 3, copy of ID 4, work visas issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 5, Saudi Arabia employer original power of attorney shall be certification by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs 6, health certificate and proof jab (requires injection of ECM, cholera) and complete copy 7, tickets Itinerary

Built in 1964, the armed forces, the maximum defense meeting top policy making body for national defense. King supreme commander of armed forces, armed forces Chief of Staff to General Mohammed Saleh Al-Hammadi. Forces the regular army and National Guard. Regular implementation of the voluntary military service in peacetime, wartime military service is compulsory, generally two years of military service branches, serving three years of special branches. Saudi Arabia’s armed forces are introduced in the late 80’s compulsory military service on the basis of the country formed the National Guard soldiers from the province of nomadic Arabs within the blog. Armed Forces total strength of about 10.6 million, of which about 7.3 million Army, compiled three armored brigades, one airborne brigade, one infantry brigade, a royal guards regiment, 23 Artillery Battalion; Navy about 1.1 million people, composed of Red Sea and the Persian Gulf two fleets; air force of about 1.8 million people, compiled attack aircraft squadron, interceptor squadron so. There is also the National Guard, border guards, special security forces and coast guard teams.

Government attaches importance to education and personnel training, the introduction of free education. Primary and secondary school system for six years each. Total of 22 800 different types of schools, of which 8 comprehensive university, college 78, 5 higher religious university, which Shate Mai University to that enjoyed a high reputation in the Islamic world. Existing teachers 33.96 million, about 4.8 million students in school, of which 27.2 million college students. Each year about 7,000 students to study abroad at public expense. Students studying in China, in addition to free accommodation, but also enjoy the benefits. There are more well-known university in Riyadh.

News Publishing
National Issue 13 kinds of newspapers, 24 magazines. Arabic newspapers are: “Riyadh Daily”, “Middle East Report” (published in London), “Peninsula Daily”, “El Pais”, “Ou Kazi Daily”, “forum report” and other English newspapers are: ” Arab News “,” the Saudi newspaper “,” Saudi Arabia Commercial “,” Saudi Economic Survey, “and so on. Hajj – the Kaaba is the center of worship of Islam Saudi Press Agency: short sand Newswire, January 23, 1971 established by the Department directly leader. With Arabic, English, French dispatch. In Washington, London, Tunis, Beirut, Cairo and other places with branches. Radio: There are three, were built in Mecca in 1962, “Islamic Call” radio, built in Riyadh in 1965, radio station and built in 1972, “the Koran” radio station. In addition to Arabic broadcast over radio, the daily also in English, French, Urdu, Swahili, Persian, and Bangali language outside broadcast. Television: network established in 1964, the five existing stations. Program in 1965 to start playing black and white, color broadcast in 1976. 1983 plays English and French programs. At present, around 107 interchange, network has covered 98% of the area.

External Relations
Sand pursued an independent, moderate and pragmatic, non-aligned foreign policy, advocating mutual respect between nations and peaceful coexistence, mutual non-interference in internal affairs. On the development of diplomatic relations with the United States first. Attaches great importance to the Arab, Islamic countries, is committed to Arab unity and the integration of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and actively participate in regional hot spots. Great efforts to diversify diplomatic ties with China, the European Union, Russia and Japan and other major powers. So far, the sand has more than 100 countries with diplomatic relations. As world oil power, Saudi oil-producing countries to strengthen coordination within and outside OPEC to maintain oil interests, and strengthen communication with the oil-consuming countries. 【On major international and regional issues, the position of the Iraqi issues: claims to maintain Iraq’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and Arab property. Support the Iraqi political reconstruction process in the hope of all parties into the process. Support the fight against destruction of Iraq’s security and stability in terrorist activities, acts of armed groups in Iraq that is not conducive to stability and reconstruction in Iraq. Oppose any foreign interference in Iraq affairs, called on the Iraqi neighboring countries to comply with the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of Iraq. Sand held in Madrid in 2003, international donors conference on Iraq to contribute one billion U.S. dollars. Palestine: focus on a comprehensive and just solution to Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the only way to achieve peace in the region, source of the problem of Palestine is the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Middle East peace process, called restart the “road map” plan. Demanded from the withdrawal of all occupied Arab territories. 2002 Middle East peace initiative proposed by Crown Prince Abdullah, and become the same year the Arab League summit resolutions. Sand on the Palestinian legislative elections in 2006 welcomed the call of the international community to respect Palestinian people’s choice and will, to give Hamas more time to adjust policy. Sand against the isolated Hamas government, oppose the suspension of aid to Pakistan, against the Hamas government engage in peace talks preconditions. Iran nuclear issue: Iran claims to solve the nuclear issue through dialogue. Hope that Iran not develop nuclear weapons, and the Gulf states aim to achieve the denuclearization of the region. Hope that Iraq comply with the “UN Charter” and to take measures to enhance mutual trust, maintaining regional security and stability. Sanctions against Iran, or the use of force, that this area would have disastrous consequences. Willing to work with Iraq in the good-neighborly friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual non-interference in internal affairs to further develop relations. Counter-terrorism: China firmly opposes all forms of terrorism, that terrorism is an international phenomenon, is a product of extreme thinking, does not belong to a particular civilization, religion or national. Stresses anti-terrorism is not achieved overnight, and the joint efforts of the international community to eliminate the root causes of terrorism. February 2005, Crown Prince Abdullah in Riyadh on international anti-terrorism initiative of the General Assembly set up an international anti-terrorism center. Syria and Lebanon issues: Condemning the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri case, called Li Renmin safeguard national unity and stability, resolve their differences through dialogue, to avoid splitting. Sand to promote Syrian cooperation with the International Investigation Commission’s good offices, that before the end of the final survey should not take action on Syria. Darfur issue: Welcome to the Sudanese government to resolve the Darfur issue actions, emphasized the use of force against any Soviet intervention and sanctions, the Soviet Union hope that the international community adequate time to implement the relevant UN resolutions, to avoid the use of complexity can cause problems of threats. That should be focused on resolving the humanitarian crisis in Darfur to support the peacekeeping force sent to the area. Weapons of mass destruction: Support the establishment of the Middle East including the Gulf region nuclear-free zone and no weapons of mass destruction areas, has joined the “Prohibition of the Use of Chemical Weapons Treaty.” Demand that Israel sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, the view that weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East instability, the international community to respond to pressure. International oil prices: to pursue a balanced oil policy emphasizes commitment to ensure oil supply. That international oil prices remain high because the market is not a shortage of crude oil, but the lack of refining capacity. Called on the major oil-consuming countries to reduce oil tax to benefit consumers. On the current Lebanon-Israel, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: the condemnation of the Palestinian people by Israel against Lebanon and the violence, the international community to take action to stop the atrocities, stressed that large countries should take political responsibility, and the Lebanese Hezbollah led to an immediate ceasefire, the international community particularly the Arab and Islamic countries to Li Renmin help. Meanwhile, the sand clear that reckless risk-taking behavior to distinguish between legitimate resistance movement against the militant group’s “rash” to the Arab world into a dangerous situation. Sand King announced to the Lebanese people to donate 500 million U.S. dollars, donated to the Palestinian people, 250 million U.S. dollars, and instructed the Lebanese central bank to deposit one billion U.S. dollars, to support the Lebanese economy. 】 【Relations with the United States in May 1943 the United States established diplomatic relations sand. China has signed mutual defense agreements and the right to Jeddah Airport lease agreement. After the Gulf crisis, Saudi-US relationship strengthening. After the Gulf War, sand with the U.S. post-war security arrangements in the Gulf region and the convening of the Middle East and will coordinate their positions on each other. Since the 1990 Gulf crisis, the U.S. has signed with the purchase of sand about 30 billion U.S. dollars worth of arms contracts. America is the largest trading partner of sand, sand is the first major U.S. oil supplier, in 1999, bilateral trade volume of about 16.8 billion U.S. dollars. In recent years, Saudi and American high-level contacts have continued. In 1998, U.S. Vice President Al Gore’s visit to Sha, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Henry Shelton and Defense Secretary’s visit to sand, respectively. In the same year in September, the Saudi crown prince to visit the United States, met with President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, Samed two sides issued a joint communique. In 1999, U.S. Secretary of State Albright and Defense Secretary William Cohen’s visit to sand. U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson’s visit to sand, and signed an investment in the energy sector and technical cooperation agreement. November, sand Second Deputy Prime Minister and Defense and Aviation Minister, the military director of Sultan’s visit. U.S. President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met with Sultan, U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen held talks with the Sultan. September 2000, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah visited the United States, with President Clinton on the Middle East situation and bilateral relations at the talks. In February, U.S. Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson’s visit to sand, met with Crown Prince Abdullah, Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal and Oil Minister Ali Naimi. April and November, U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen’s visit to two of sand. 2001 “9.11” incident, the sand-US relations change. Religious policies of the U.S. public criticism of sand, the root causes of terrorism attributed to Shawa Ha jihad ideology than sectarian. A large number of students in the United States, business, work Saudis were the United States to police surveillance, interrogation and even arrest, the sand flight of capital started from the United States, a number of bilateral cooperation projects on hold or even canceled. Saudi government discrimination against their citizens in the United States is extremely unhappy, and to make a formal protest against the United States, asked the U.S. to reconsider its Middle East policy. Launched in the U.S. fight against terrorism, the Saudi policy of the United States pull away, against the United States military strike against Afghanistan, especially the U.S. garrison in the sand to make the Saudi royal family is facing increasing pressure from China, Saudi-US relations face unprecedented challenges. Important between the two sides in 2001 are: February, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell’s visit to sand; in April, the U.S. Central Command commander General Tommy’s visit to sand; the same month, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff vice chairman’s visit to sand; September 13, Fach Wang made the German President, on the “9.11” condolences to the victims and condemned the terrorist attacks; 20, Sha Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal’s visit, with the United States to hold consultations on counter-terrorism; 22, vice chairman of sand consultations visit the United States, the “9.11” and stand against terrorism to the U.S. notified of sand to support the U.S. fight against terrorism; in October, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld visited Saudi Arabia and met with King Fahd and the Crown Prince Abdullah; November, Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal’s visit sand, President Bush met with. August 2002, the U.S. Rand Corporation Policy Committee to the U.S. Department of Defense submitted a report that Saudi Arabia is the enemy of the United States is evil in the Middle East, accused the Saudi royal family members suspected of financing some terrorist organizations, recommended the U.S. government asked Saudi Arabia Stop funding Islamic fundamentalists, freezing and seizure of assets of sand in the United States. Subsequently, some of “9.11” to the families of the victims sue Saudi royal family, claimed trillions of dollars. Saudi Arabia, the United States expressed strong dissatisfaction with the action, accusing the United States undermines the international image of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom took place one after another mass anti-US demonstrations. In addition, the sand and the United States and also in some regional issues, there are differences, of sand against the United States military strike against Afghanistan, does not support U.S. military action against Iraq without UN authorization. Although the bilateral relations in a number of discordant voices, the two governments still maintain the alliance parties, the important exchanges between the two sides in 2002: in April, the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah’s visit to the United States, U.S. President George W. Bush to question 8 on the Middle East peace plans; in June, the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal’s visit, President Bush met with. In March, U.S. Secretary of Treasury Paul and Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit to sand, respectively; in October, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State William Burns to visit sand, met with King Fahd. The two leaders also repeatedly come forward to refute the sand media reports of crisis-US relations, exchange of telephone, letter, stressed the alliance between the two sides. 【With other Western countries and Japan’s relations】 In 2001, Saudi Arabia, Britain and France, Germany and other Western countries, relations continued to develop. Sand, Britain established diplomatic relations in 1927. English is the second largest commodities supplier of sand and the third largest investor in the sand has more than 90 joint ventures, with a total investment of 3.5 billion. In 1998, bilateral trade volume of about 22 billion riyals. February 1999, Saudi-British Chamber of Commerce was established. June 2000, Saudi-British investment forum held in London. In April, the British defense minister to visit Horn of sand, King Fahd and the Crown Prince Abdullah met with Horn, Prince Sultan held talks with the Horn. In June, met the Governor of Riyadh Salman visit to Britain, Queen Elizabeth II met with Salman. June 2001, Saudi Foreign Minister’s visit to Britain, with the British side on bilateral relations and the Middle East peace process talks; in July, the British Royal Navy Royal Navy Fleet and sand held in Jeddah two days of military exercises; October British Prime Minister Tony Blair visited Saudi Arabia, King Fahd met. Sha, France established diplomatic relations in 1936. Development of relations between the two countries. Method is sand in the EU’s second largest trading partner, in 1997, bilateral trade amounted to 13.788 billion rials. To 98 years, investment in sand up to 2 billion francs, a total of 67 joint ventures. France imported sand crude oil each year 2.5 billion, accounting for Law consumption 1 / 4; to export 1.6 billion U.S. dollars of sand for industrial equipment, food. February 2000, French Foreign Minister Federline visit Saudi Arabia, and King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah, Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal and Prince Salman are met or talks. June, French Defense Minister visits Richard sand, with the Second Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sultan held talks with aviation. June 2001, Crown Prince Abdullah’s visit to France, with French President Jacques Chirac on bilateral relations and exchange views on the situation in the Middle East; in October, Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine of France to visit Saudi Arabia, met with Crown Prince Abdullah. Saudi Arabia in the European Union, Germany is the third largest trading partner. In 1997, bilateral trade amounted to 2.9 billion U.S. dollars, sand exports to Germany and 845 million U.S. dollars, 2.06 billion U.S. dollars of imports from Germany, now Germany in the sand joint venture total investment of about 400 million U.S. dollars. In May 2000, the Saudi Education Minister Anka Li’s visit to Germany, the two sides signed a bilateral agreement between education and technology personnel. October 2001, German Foreign Minister’s visit to sand, and sand Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal on the Middle East situation and exchanged views on Afghanistan. In addition, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the further development of the EU. April 2001, the EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy’s visit to sand, and Saudi Arabia joined the WTO on the sand to hold talks; in September, the EU delegation’s visit to sand, and the Saudi Crown Prince on bilateral relations and the Middle East talks. February 2002, EU foreign and security policy chief Javier Solana visited Saudi Arabia, held talks with Crown Prince Abdullah to discuss his proposed Middle East peace plan; in June, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah and Solana to meet again, stressed the sand must adhere to the peace process in the Middle East peace plan based on sand. Sha, Japan established diplomatic relations in 1954, there is the further development of bilateral relations in recent years. February 2000, the two countries renewed the neutral zone at Chako Arab oil exploration contract negotiations right after more than two years, eventually rupture, but both sides said this will not affect bilateral relations. Sand is a major oil supplier to Japan. Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports accounted for Japan’s oil consumption of 24.8%, Japan 13.4% of refined oil from Saudi Arabia. 1998, Japan imported an average of 116 million barrels per day of crude oil from the sand. Japan is the sand’s second largest trade and investment partner, in 1997, bilateral trade reached 46.5 billion riyals, of which sand exports to Japan about 390 billion rials. 33 days in the sand sand joint venture with a total investment amounted to 17.6 billion riyals. September 30, 2001, Special Envoy of Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to sand, the sand side informed the Japanese of “9.11” view of the international situation. 】 【Relations with Arab countries in 2000, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Syria and other countries relations. In February, the Saudi Prince and Deputy Prime Minister, the National Guard commander Abdullah visited Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, respectively, held talks with the three presidents to discuss reviving the Middle East peace talks, strengthening Arab solidarity and coordination, as well as sand and the three bilateral relations and other issues. Jun., Crown Prince Abdullah to visit Egypt. In July, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to visit Saudi Arabia, met King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah, to coordinate position on the issue of Jerusalem. February, Syrian Foreign Minister Farouq al-Shara to visit Saudi Arabia, met King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah and Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal with sand co-chaired the sand – Syrian Joint Committee meeting. In July, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah’s visit to Syria, held talks with President Bashar. October, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah at the Arab League in Cairo special summit convened. In 2001, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Syria and other countries relations. January, May, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to visit Saudi Arabia twice, and the sand on bilateral relations and discuss regional situation; in July, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah’s visit to Egypt, with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on bilateral relations and strengthen the Middle East peace talks; in January 2001, the Saudi Second Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sultan Air visit Syria, met with President Bashar; in February, the Syrian president’s visit to Sha, the two countries signed a free trade agreement and the land transport protocol; in September, Syrian President’s visit to sand again, with the Saudi king on strengthening bilateral relations and relevant regional and international situation and exchanged views; in April, May visit to Lebanese Prime Minister twice sand, with Saudi Arabia on bilateral relations and regional situation exchanged views on such issues. In 2002, Saudi Arabia and several Arab countries on regional hot issues ongoing coordination and consultation, high-level visits, highlighting the status of Arab heavyweight. January, Prime Minister Ali Abu Ragheb of Jordan to visit Saudi Arabia; February, Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s visit to sand, sand with Crown Prince Abdullah held talks on the Middle East; in March, August, Syrian President Bashar two visits to Saudi Arabia , with Saudi Arabia for talks on Middle East peace; in September, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s visit to sand, and sand the Crown Prince on the Iraq issue, the Palestinian-Israeli situation and other consultations; in November, Jordan’s King Abdullah’s visit to sand, and Saudi Arabia held talks on the Middle East. In the same year in March, attended by Crown Prince Abdullah at the Arab summit in Lebanon, including East peace proposal was adopted unanimously; May, Crown Prince Abdullah and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad held in Egypt, the tripartite summit, called on Israel to land for peace; in July, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal’s visit to Syria and Lebanon, to the two leaders in New York by the Quartet Middle East peace process meetings; in July, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah to visit Egypt, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on strengthening bilateral relations and the Middle East peace process talks. Sand with Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, relations had deteriorated. Since early 1992, Saudi relations with the three countries have eased. In 1995, the sand realize normalization of relations with the three countries, the national leadership to restore the human and the exchange of ambassadors exchanged letters on the exchange of views on issues of common concern. 2000 Sand relations with the three countries continue to develop. In May, Prince Abdullah, led a delegation invited to attend the tenth anniversary celebration of unification of Yemen, in June, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s visit to Sha, the two sides signed a land, sea and border end of the two countries in the territory up to 66 years disputes through friendly consultation at last, be resolved peacefully. December, Saudi Arabia Yemen Supreme Coordination Committee held its seventh meeting, the two sides signed an agreement on the protection and promotion of investment, customs cooperation, and avoidance of double taxation agreement, Sand agreed to also provide 300 million U.S. dollars of soft loans. May 2000, Jordan’s King Abdullah’s visit to sand, and King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah held talks. In July and in December, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat visited Saudi Arabia twice, met with King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah and Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Aviation Sultan. Sand has provided assistance to Pakistan. October 2000, the Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi official visit to Saudi Arabia, with King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah on the Middle East peace talks, held in the Arab Summit and the strengthening of bilateral relations, held talks and met with the Home Secretary sand Naif and met the Governor of Riyadh Salman. This is the first visit 20 years Gaddafi sand. July 2000, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait signed a maritime border agreement. October 2002, Deputy Prime Minister of Kuwait Jaber, UAE President Sheikh Zayed visits were sand, and sand on the second deputy prime minister held talks issues of common concern; the same month, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah visits the United Arab Emirates, and Afghanistan President dhaya German talks. 2001, continue to develop relations with the three sand. January, Second Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sultan air visit to Jordan, met with King Abdullah and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat; in March, Jordan’s King Abdullah’s visit to sand, respectively; in March, July and in September, Arafat visited three times sand, sand informed the Palestinian-Israeli situation, King Fahd reiterated that Saudi Arabia will continue to unconditionally support the Palestinian people against Israeli occupation, the struggle to restore their legitimate rights and interests; in February 2001, Saudi and Yemen signed an agreement , Yemen’s debt relief 70% -80%, another 300 million U.S. dollars to Yemen loans; in May, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah to visit Yemen, attended the celebration of Yemen Unity; same month, the Yemeni President’s visit to Sha, the two sides signed the power cooperation agreement. Special relationship with Egypt because of the Kaaba, black gold tent replaced each year by Egypt’s relations with Afghanistan】 【sand once the world have diplomatic relations with the Taliban regime in one of three countries, “9.11” incident sand cut off relations with the Taliban in Afghanistan. After the fall of the Taliban regime, Saudi Arabia in order to maintain the traditional influence in Afghanistan, sand actively seek to play a role in Afghanistan’s reconstruction, the international aid conference on Afghanistan’s reconstruction, the Afghan interim government promised to provide more than 200 million U.S. dollars in economic aid. January 2002, Afghanistan’s interim prime minister Hamid Karzai arrived in sand pilgrimage, and sand King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah held talks to find sand on the financial support of the new Afghan government; in July, Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan 13 Truck drugs worth 100 million dollars, after the sand You Xiang A 10 million U.S. dollars provided food, medicine and clothing; in September, Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s visit to sand, sand with Saudi Arabia to discuss assistance to Afghanistan, and sand arrested in Afghanistan nationality personnel arrangements. 】 【Relations with Iran relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran continue to improve. August 2002, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal visit to Iran, bilateral relations with Iraq, held talks with Palestinian issues; in September, Iranian President Mohammad Khatami’s visit to sand, and Saudi Arabia relations regarding the situation in Iraq and Isa exchange views. 】 【Relations with Qatar 30 September 1992, Saudi Arabia and Qatar armed conflict. Card announced the suspension of the border agreement of 1965 between the two countries, bilateral relations were deteriorating. In the same year on December 19, the mediation by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, cards, sand the two leaders signed the “settlement of sand, the card border differences Agreement.” Card then on Dec. 24 announced the cancellation of bilateral border agreement in 1965 to suspend the decision, sand, card relations improved significantly. In 1997, Egypt held in Qatar in the Middle East to resist economic summit, the two countries occurred as a result of the media wars, mediation by King Fahd, Egypt, Card decided to terminate the war between information and reconciliation. May 1998, Qatari Foreign Minister’s visit to sand. November, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal to visit Qatar, to participate in the Doha Declaration of the sixteenth conference of foreign ministers in Damascus. In April 1999 and June, twice foreign minister to visit Qatar sand, referred to the Emir a letter to the Prince of sand. June, Shaka finalize the border. Same month, the Qatar Emir Hamad’s visit to sand, with King Fahd, Prince Abdullah met. May 2000, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah to visit Qatar, with Qatar Emir Sheikh Hamad held talks, both sides pledged to strengthen the existing bilateral friendly relations. The further development of bilateral relations in 2001. In March, the Saudi foreign minister’s visit card, the final border agreement signed with Qatar; in April, the Emir of Qatar to visit sand, with Saudi Arabia to enhance bilateral relations and other issues on the talks. 】 【Relations with China July 21, 1990, Saudi Arabia established diplomatic relations with China. January 2006, Saudi King Abdullah paid a state visit to China, and Saudi Arabia signed energy cooperation documents. April 2006, President Hu Jintao’s state visit to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah spoke highly of the friendly relations between Saudi Arabia and China, stressed that Saudi Arabia attaches importance to and is willing to further deepen cooperation with China in various fields of friendly cooperation. King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Bin Abdul – Aziz’s invitation, President Hu Jintao on February 10, 2009 left Beijing by special plane on the morning and went to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia
First, remind (1) in Saudi Arabia, smuggling drugs is a capital offense. For larger doses to bring proprietary or personal drug entry, the proposed prescription. (B) not to bring alcoholic beverages or pork immigrants, once discovered the goods confiscated and destroyed, carriers will be arrested and subject to heavy fines. (C) not to bring exposure and obscene content of the audio-visual and printed materials. Brought into the CD-ROM, hard drives and other multimedia mobile carrier, has often been seized by customs. (D) of the passport stamped with visa officers need to renew Israeli passports, or they will be prohibited from entering. (5) Saudi ban in public places, spots photographed. Without my permission, can not let people take pictures, especially the Saudi women. (6) Women can not drive out by the father, accompanied by husband or brother. When they go out to Phi black robe (ABAYA), wearing a headscarf. Not genetically related and non-marriage or heterosexual adults (including lovers) contact, the offender shall be subject to imprisonment and whipping. Bare-chested men, or the shorts can not access public places. Adultery, homosexuality are capital offenses. (7) sand Ramadan (calendar back in September), in addition to patients, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children, the prohibition of eating from sunrise to sunset, drinking and smoking. (8) consecutive years after the Saudi government and effective fight against terrorism, the security situation continues to improve, but there are security concerns, need to remain vigilant. (9) in Saudi Arabia, the low status of foreign women laborers, life is hard. Like to advise women to work in sand, in addition to the regular large-scale labor by arranging to sand the work of doctors, nurses outside, do not easily accept other job offers, especially not by a company or so-called informal labor arrangements and sand work acquaintances. Second, sand strict visa visa regime, approval procedures are complicated and time-consuming long. The types of visas are divided into Hajj visas, visit visas and work visas of three. Passport valid for not less than six months required; I have to sign the application form, all documents subject to the Chinese Foreign Ministry accreditation, family visit visas, permanent residence visa and work permit required to obtain prior approval of the Saudi authorities. Two clear white background. Specific handling requirements are as follows: (1) Hajj Visa: Each Islamic calendar, after Eid al-Fitr until November 25, apply for Hajj visas for Chinese citizens. Hajj visa through the China Islamic Association, a collective process. (B) access to visa: Visit visas and government sub-family visit visa to visit visa (including business visit visa) are two types of sand need to be provided with access to relevant approval of the visa number and date of the original or copy of approval letter. Family visit visa must provide the personal ID card, original marriage certificate, birth certificate original and copy of their children. Relationship required documents notarized by my government organizations and certification, and subject to the Saudi Embassy Consular Department certification. Business visit visa is for foreign entrepreneurs and investors access to visa issuance, the applicant must provide personal identification, employment proof, and copies of academic certificates; certified by the sand the invitation of Commerce; the units to the Saudi diplomatic missions agencies issued letters, letters need to explain my business level, purpose of visit and duration of visit to Saudi Arabia to be company name. Sand women business home visits, accompanied by her husband. (C) Work Visa: job application is subject to approval of the Saudi Ministry of Labor; applicant is required to hold with a work visa number and date of the approval document; my passport, filled out by professional and work visas to be consistent with the job completed; professional and technical staff are required to provide the relevant official bodies and by their Saudi embassy consular department certified copies of qualifications; to provide a recognized hospital or health agency issued by the relevant authorities (Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) certified medical report (required in accordance with the diplomatic representatives of Saudi Arabia institutions designated sample production). Work permit required: owners issued letter of entrustment, women workers guardian consent to travel and work issued a written letter, the application for professional qualification certificates, medical reports and copies of these documents. Detailed requirements please refer to sand Embassy website. Saudi Arabia Embassy in case handling time, working from 9 am to 12 noon, forensics time working 2:30 pm to 15:00. Embassy phone 01065324825, fax 01065325324.

Wenchuan Disaster Relief
May 12, 2008 in China after the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan, China Saudi Arabia to provide rescue supplies and donations as high as 50 million U.S. dollars worth 10 million U.S. dollars in cash and materials to provide assistance to all countries the largest amount of state funding. In addition, the various Arab countries, the royal family members also actively organized donations, charity.